Vision BASE can integrate IDX & the Lead Intelligence Platform into your existing real estate team, office or broker website. For as little as $299 for set-up and $49 per month, you get a frameless integration that matches your current web design.

Integrate Vision Today

Unlimited Pages

Easily create as many pages as your heart desires with any Vision Edition.

Standard Content

We automatically fill your site with 10+ pages of useful real estate content.

Proactive Messaging

Vision Real Estate Websites contain multiple lead focused conversion forms.

Point & Click Editing

Vision features a true no-hassle, simple to use web editor that allows you to customize your site easily.

Dynamic SEO

Out-of-the-box all Vision Real Estate Websites automatically incorporate the latest SEO tactics.

Meta Access

Vision allows you to customize the meta tags on a page by page basis with just the click of a button.

Automatic Personalization

Vision IDX was created to provide a unique home-searching experience for its users.

Lead Memory

Vision IDX continuously tracks, analyzes and remembers how leads interact with the search.

Advanced Map Search

Vision IDX integrates the latest map-searching technology into an easy-to-use application.

Instant Results

Since we are living in the age of instant gratification, Vision CORE has been built to deliver results faster than any other property search.

Real-Time Messaging

Send meaningful messages to qualified leads while they are fully engaged in their property search.

Mobile Optimized

With Vision IDX property searches can be done on virtually any mobile device.

Instant Notifications

Vision IDX features configurable triggers that you can choose to activate. That way you will be notified instantly about virtually any interaction within the search. Wouldn't you like to be notified as someone is printing out a listing flyer so that you can message them to set up a showing?

Automated Recommendations

Vision IDX analyzes every detail of each leads' search, along with their viewing habits, resulting in the most accurate recommendations possible. Vision often has a better idea of what a lead truly wants than they do themselves.

Anonymous Tracking

Vision tracks every interaction, regardless of registration. That means you're able to learn about people who haven't signed up, as well as registered members.

Anonymous Messaging

Vision allows you to communicate freely with anyone on your site, regardless of registration. When anonymous, non-registered leads come back to your website, your messages will be waiting for them.

Send Listings

If you notice a lead looking at properties that are similar to a listing you know,  you can recommend it with the click of a button.

Send a Custom

If you see that a lead is searching broadly, you can encourage them to narrow their search by instantly sending them a personalized search link.