Without needing to beg for their email address.

People visit your site, they’ll perform a few searches, they might even look at a dozen listings, and then BAM! Your website pop’s up a form and stops them from doing anything else unless they hand over their email address.  Why?

Vision Lead Intelligence challenges the traditional view on real estate lead conversion. We track every click, page view and interaction within your site and give you instant access to communicate with any person on your site instantly. Stop forcing registration, start having conversations and get more real estate leads.

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iPhone, Tablet or Laptop it doesn’t matter.

Let’s face it; most real estate web designs are horrendous. They don’t perform well on search engines without spending thousands of dollars, the content they come with is from ten years ago and trying to use the site on an iPhone is next to impossible. Sound familiar? Forget that nonsense, YMLS develops real estate web designs with search engine optimization, user experience and lead conversion in mind. Our real estate web designs are fully mobile responsive and feature best practice optimization out of the box.

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Rival the big guys with your search experience.

More than ever people are heading to national portals like Zillow because, somehow in the last ten years, nothing has changed on REALTOR websites. The hard truth is that nobody wants to click a tab in your navigation then land on a giant form that they have to fill out BEFORE they can even see a listing. YMLS has designed an engaging IDX property search that features an all-in-one MLS search that updates as real estate leads filter their search criteria. It happens instantly, it’s simple to use, and it has all the features that your real estate leads expect from those national portals. The biggest benefit to IDX property search: you don’t have to fight 10,000 other agents for leads.

Because we’re not the nickel and dime type.

You need traffic, or you won’t get leads. If you don’t have leads, you’re not going to keep our service. We understand how this works and so we’ve built an honest product that complies with the structured data formats for Schema.orgOpen Graph, and Twitter Cards out of the box. That means you don’t have to lift a finger and your website will start ranking on your favorite search engine.

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