Because your real estate leads love buying those new gadgets.

Real estate leads are starting their property search on mobile devices more than ever, that’s why we built an IDX that works flawlessly on whatever device someone may be using. Our MLS / IDX property search is mobile responsive, meaning it will respond to different page widths, heights to look perfect on an iPhone, iPad, Galaxy phone or even on a 42″ monitor.

Because your leads demand a quick response.

We believe in instant gratification. There’s nothing worse than sending out a contact form and waiting for a response. Vision’s MLS / IDX property search features a site-wide instant messaging system that allows you to communicate with every person on your site. That means both people that have registered and those who haven’t given up those precious contact details quite yet.

The messenger is easy to notice with its interactive chat pops that proactively show messages without having to open the messenger. This isn’t just another chat client either; this messenger has its very own lead conversion chatbot that automatically tries to convert anonymous leads into fully registered leads.

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Works on ANY Device

IDX 2.0 is fully responsive and works beautifully on ANY device that your leads are using.

Sitewide Messenger

The all-new messenger works on EVERY page of your website so your leads can chat anywhere.

Fullscreen Map Search

IDX 2.0's map search takes over the leads entire screen, making map search easier than ever.

80% Larger Photos

IDX 2.0's photos are now up to 80% larger than most property searches.

Conversion Chatbot

The all-new messenger now automatically suggests registration when an unknown starts to chat.

Polygon Map Search

IDX 2.0's map search isn't just huge; it's powerful. Leads can search by drawing their perfect area.

Better IDX Data

IDX 2.0 has more data and improved MLS mappings to ensure that your leads get the best data possible.

Customizable Colors

IDX 2.0 now conforms to your websites color scheme automatically creating a seamless look.

Request a Showing

Leads now have instant access to request a showing on every listing with just the click of a button.

Faster Search Performance

IDX 2.0 is on average 10x faster than other searches on the market & requires no page reloads.

Street View & Satellite

Every IDX listing detail page now features a giant Street and Satellite View display.

More Tools

Mortgage calculators, lead forms, agent branding, social sharing, there are too many new tools to list.

Even if the lead hasn’t provided an email address.

Vision Lead Intelligence tracks every action inside of the property search to give you a full look at what your leads are doing. Use this information to analyze what leads are searching for and find out what listings they love.

This intelligence platform is constantly listening and learning so that it can provide meaningful suggestions, alerts, and recommendations to help convert your leads faster.

Engage Leads in Real Time

Vision IDX features configurable triggers that allow you to be notified instantly about virtually any interaction. Wouldn't you like to know that someone has looked at open house information so that you can message them to set up a showing before they meet with another agent?

Automated Listing Recommendations

Vision automatically analyzes every detail of each lead's search, along with their viewing habits, resulting in the most accurate recommendations possible. Vision is so intelligent that it often has a better idea of what a lead actually wants before they do.

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Get more real estate leads: your IDX property search can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.