Privacy Policy

Management at™ (hereinafter referred to as™) takes issues regarding privacy very seriously. Our most current Privacy Policy is always posted on our website at (hereinafter referred to as the “website”). Please check this website regularly for any updates.

We want your online presence to be profitable and a useful working tool for you. To achieve this, you need to understand the kinds of information we may collect from you, how it is utilized, and things that you can do to control how that information is used.

What information may we collect from you?This varies depending upon how you use our website. It is possible to use our website without submitting any personal information. However, if you take advantage of our products and services, you may be asked to provide some or all of the following information: name, address, phone number, user name, email address, and user password. In certain other transactions, you might be asked for your credit card information.

In addition to the information that you provide, our systems gather anonymous data. This data includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address, what parts of the website you use, and information provided through the use of “cookies”.

If you go to websites that are linked from our website, those linked website companies may also collect and use information from you. This could include information you provide them, and information collected from their own “cookies”. Remember, these linked companies have their own privacy policies that may differ substantially from™’s. You should check the Privacy Policy of each website you access before providing them with information.

Once I provide information, how does it get used?Your information is used in many different ways, depending upon the collection source.

Cookies: These are small computer files that we send to your computer so that we can recognize you next time you visit the website. The main reasons we do this are to track your information for your own convenience, to make your online experience more useful by changing our content to more closely match your needs and browsing patterns, to give you information that might be of interest to you, and to more fully understand the total number of people using the website. Please remember that if you go to other websites that are linked to us, they may use their own cookies to track this information as well.

You have the ability, through your web browser, to automatically reject cookies if you so desire. This is accomplished by changing the cookies settings in the “Internet Options” or “Preferences” section within your web browser. You can also set up your computer to let you know about incoming cookies, so you can accept or reject them at that time. Please be aware that by not accepting cookies, you may not be able to receive or use some of our features.

Registration: This is information that you provide us when you register as a user of our website. Your email address and password are the most obvious pieces of information you provide us, and it is a unique identifier in our system. These two pieces of information block unauthorized access to information you elect to store on our website. We may use your email address to contact you for various reasons. If you are interested in obtaining information from other companies, and if you so instruct us, we will share your email address with others. Personal information such as age, address, and occupation may be used to provide content such as advertisements, products, and services that may appeal to you. Your individual information may be compiled with individual information from other users and provided to potential advertisers so they can present their advertisements in a more effective way. We will not knowingly register or store any information from any individual under the age of 18. However, given the anonymous nature of the Internet, it may be that we receive personal information from someone under that age. If this is made known to us, we will not use the information in any way without parental consent, and we will also take all reasonable measures to prevent it from happening again.

You have the ability to stop email from us at any time. At registration, when you disclose your email address, you can indicate to us that you don’t want your address used for direct mailings. If you initially accept direct advertising, and decide at a later date to stop it, you can type in the word “Unsubscribe” in an e-mail you receive from us, return the email to us, and you will be immediately removed from the subscriber list. You can also unsubscribe by emailing [email protected] with your request.

Tools: Our website and other linked websites provide many useful tools, including real estate sales data, financial calculators, and information on selling or buying homes. Generally, these websites do not require personal information of any sort. The information these tools provide is for your benefit, and the data you submit to these websites is not disclosed to anyone.

Communications you create: The website enables you to send emails to us, or to third parties, and by doing so, you can expect a return email. You should use good judgment in deciding with whom you wish to communicate.

Additional information requested by us: On occasion, we may ask you to provide us with additional information. This may be done, for example, through contests or surveys. If you respond, the information provided might be used to provide content such as advertisements, products, and services that may appeal to you. The information may also be compiled with other user’s information and provided to potential advertisers so they can present their advertisements in a more effective way. If the information was collected for a contest, we will obviously share that data with third parties as necessary to fulfill the contest offering. If the information is to be used for any other purpose, we will give you the chance to either opt out before responding to the solicitation, or not to respond at all.

Services requested by you: On occasion, you may request products or services from the website of a more substantial or personal nature. This might include applying for a loan, or making an online purchase. The information required to complete the request for these services may by used in the following ways:

For services provided on our website, we will use the information provided by you to provide the product or service you requested. We may share that information with third parties, but only to complete your request. Also, we may use the information you provided as more fully set forth in the Registration section above. Any financial information provided to complete your request would only be used to process your payment.

For products and services offered to you by our website and a third party, we may share information with the third party, or the third party may independently gather that information. In these situations, we will use your information as if we were offering the service or product ourselves, but the third party may use the information in a different way. You will be able to tell if a product or service is being offered by a third party because that page of our website will be “co-branded” with our logo and that of the third party, or you will be linked directly to the third party website for completion of the transaction. As mentioned above, each company that we work with has its own privacy policy regarding how your information is used. Please check the Privacy Policy of each company before you use a service or purchase a product. If you are uncomfortable about a company’s Privacy Policy, do not use their services.

On occasion, we may ask you for personal information, in addition to that identified above, to obtain a product or service. If this is the case, you will always be given the opportunity to opt out of the use, or not to complete the request for the services that generated the requirement for additional information.

System Gathered Information: The information gathered by our system, including your computer’s IP address and how you use our website, may be used by us to analyze the effectiveness of our website. In addition, we may share this system gathered information with potential advertisers so they can know how to present their websites in a more effective manner.

How is My Information Protected? Personal information stored in our system is password protected from unauthorized access or use. Since your financial information is especially sensitive, we only transmit this information over secure Internet connections using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which is the currently accepted standard for online security. Further, we require password authentication from any third party companies that you’ve authorized to receive this information.

General InformationTo add, change, or delete personal information you submitted to our website, please send a request to [email protected].

We may use personal information collected from all of the sources referred to above to offer content, products, and services that may appeal to you. In addition, we may compile the information and share it with third parties so they can present their advertisements in a more effective manner. If you have indicated to us that you want to be contacted by third parties, we may use your personal information to determine what names to provide to a third party, but other than contact information, we will not disclose any other information.

We appreciate your help in safeguarding your privacy. Please use common sense when disclosing personal information over the Internet. If you feel that your personal information is being used in violation of our Privacy Policy, you should send an email to [email protected] with your concerns. We treat privacy issues very seriously.

This Privacy Policy only applies to the™ website, ( Since our website contains links to other websites beyond our control, those linked websites will operate according to their own Privacy Policy, which may differ from ours. You should familiarize yourself with each website’s Privacy Policy before transmitting any personal information to them. If you are not on the™ website, your submitted personal information is no longer under our control.

Changes to the Privacy Policy StatementWe reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. As you use this website, you should check regularly with this statement for any changes we incorporate. Your continued use of this website indicates your agreement to the changes we make. If you do not accept these changes, you are prohibited from using this website.

If you have concerns about this Privacy Policy or wish to request deletion of all your data from the YMLS Platform, please contact™ at [email protected]