even if they haven’t registered yet.

Vision is an intelligent real estate lead tracking platform that uses sophisticated algorithms to determine which leads are most likely to convert into a sale in the near future. Vision utilizes those algorithms to notify you when real estate leads view the same property multiple times, save listings or display search behavior consistent with purchasing a home in the near future.

Instant Notifications

Vision IDX features configurable triggers that you can choose to activate. That way you will be notified instantly about virtually any interaction within the search. Wouldn't you like to be notified as someone is looking at open house information so that you can message them to set up a showing?

Automated Recommendations

Vision IDX analyzes every detail of each lead's search, along with their viewing habits, resulting in the most accurate recommendations possible. Vision often has a better idea of what a lead truly wants than they do themselves.

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even when you don’t know their name.

Projects like Zillow, Trulia and have created a new world, in which home searchers expect to search freely without needing to give up their name, email or phone number. In our world, that information is no longer the prize. Now, the prize is much more valuable: we give you real data that help you close the deal faster.

Anonymous Tracking

Vision tracks every interaction, regardless of registration. That means you're able to learn about people who haven't signed up, as well as registered members.

Anonymous Messaging

Vision allows you to communicate freely with anyone on your site, regardless of registration. When anonymous, non-registered leads come back to your website, your messages will be waiting for them.

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even if you can’t call or email them.

With Vision you can message anyone on your site instantly, regardless of registration. The moment a real estate lead shows an interest in a particular listing or search, you can start a real-time conversation with them.

Recommend Listings

If you notice a lead looking at properties that are similar to a listing you know,  you can recommend it with the click of a button.

Suggest a Search

If you see that a lead is searching broadly, you can encourage them to narrow their search by instantly sending them a personalized search link.

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without wasting precious time.

Because we know REALTORS® are busy, we created the leads page where you can view all of your real estate leads at once. Vision Enterprise Edition makes it possible to change lead ownership on that page with the click of a button.

Vision has even made it easier to target your most valuable leads with classifications. You will find three types of lead classification in Vision.

Signal Leads

Signal leads are people who actively flag their interests by searching and viewing listings. The majority of leads begin with this classification.

Social Leads

Social leads are people who have either started or participated in a conversation. They have clearly signaled their interest through the open lines of communication. These are the most valuable leads in Vision.

Profiled Leads

Profiled leads have registered using Facebook or through traditional means. These leads receive new messages from Vision on the web, as well as in their email inbox.

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