without lifting a finger.

Vision Real Estate Websites incorporate the latest search engine optimization tactics, including dynamic standard content, as well as Google’s and Facebook’s OpenGraph APIs. These inclusions will give your website an immediate leg-up in search engine optimization.

What Is

Vision IDX features configurable triggers that allow you to be notified instantly about virtually any interaction within the search. Wouldn't you like to be aware that someone is printing out a listing flyer, so that you can message them to set up a showing?

What Is OpenGraph?

The OpenGraph API allows webmasters to publish relevant page metadata that is immediately recognizable by Facebook. That way it ensures that when your link is shared, it shows the proper photo, title and other metadata.

OpenGraph does not directly affect on-page search engine optimization. However, it does heavily influence the performance of your links on Facebook.

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for those of you that need a boost.

Vision clients can add higher-level search engine optimization to each page of their websites. Change image properties or update relevant meta tags page by page.

If you’re looking for a hands-off optimization plan, we offer affordable content writing services for community pages or blog posts, starting at $79 per page.

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