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Best Practices to Write a Real Estate Website Splash Page

Track the performance of your online SEM Marketing for your Real Estate Website it is critical to knowing how to spend your marketing dollars. With each marketing campaign you should create a Website Splash Page. Your YMLS real estate website is more effective with a splash page. This is also called the splash screen, and it’s where users first land on your site, making it crucial to keep their attention and establish your branding so they continue to your listings and other great information.

Why use a Splash Page?

When you run an online marketing piece you want that ad to direct users back to your HUB which is your Real Estate Website. By creating a splash page for each marketing ad you create you can track clicks to that page. This allows you to see how many hits to your website received for that marketing piece. Consider this a great way to track the performance of your marketing ad. With YMLS you can create a spash page as internal pages on your website. To ensure that website visitors to this page are related only to your add you can mark the page to not display in the navigation using the Page Manager.

What’s on a Splash Page?

Some splash pages take the user to the main Web site automatically, but others require them to click on a link to load the main page, which gives you an opportunity to grab their attention. YMLS recommends that your Splash Page be a specific page with a contact form.

Splash pages can be used to promote your real estate services and can be used to feature properties. They can also give the prospective home buyer or seller an idea of the software or browser requirements needed to most effectively navigate your pages.

Real estate splash pages often have pictures or videos of previously sold properties and branding for the agent. Therefore, use your own splash page to entice the user to explore the site and establish credibility.

How Will Your Guests Sign In?

Ask yourself what information is most crucial to login into your page. Often, capturing a name and email is a great place to start.

Some real estate websites allow a Facebook login, which makes it easier for the client and gives you a chance to request a connection or provide your business social media information.

Don’t force guests to scroll down to log into your site. They may just abandon the session, so you can include a login button or let them log in directly from the top half of the splash page.

Branding Your Real Estate Splash Page

This is the first level of interaction with your prospective home buyer or seller. Your splash page should represent your brand and what you offer that other agents do not. Including a professional headshot or photo helps visitors establish an immediate connection. Put it at the top of the page near the log-on information.

Choose an appealing background, typically of an intriguing property. You can get pictures from online stock photos, but having one taken of a property you’ve dealt with is unique and personal.

Content on the splash page should be sparse and carefully chosen — don’t overwhelm your prospect. Don’t forget to visit the YMLS Intelligent Agent for more great ideas on how to perfect your pages.

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