develop an online lead
develop an online lead

Your search now works on ANY device.

Today more than ever home-buyers are starting their search on mobile devices, that's why we built IDX 2.0 to work flawlessly on whatever device they choose to search on. IDX 2.0 is mobile responsive meaning it will respond to different page widths, heights and it will look perfect on an iPhone, iPad, Galaxy phone or even on a 42" monitor.

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Your messenger is more intelligent than ever.

Vision Lead Intelligence was the first property search platform to allow communication with totally anonymous leads, with IDX 2.0 we've taken that ability to another level. IDX 2.0's messenger now works across your entire website and features interactive chat pops that show messages without opening the messenger.

It's not just another chat client; this messenger has its very own lead conversion chatbot that automatically gets anonymous leads to provide their email address. The all-new messenger will help you to convert more leads than ever before.

See The New Features

Features that you'll love.

We didn't skimp on features or cut any corners. IDX 2.0 is the most innovative property search available to REALTORS® today. With over 50 new cutting-edge features, we've outlined some of the most exciting. Take a look at what your IDX can do now.

Works on ANY Device

IDX 2.0 is fully responsive and works beautifully on ANY device that your leads are using.

Sitewide Messenger

The all-new messenger works on EVERY page of your website so your leads can chat anywhere.

Fullscreen Map Search

IDX 2.0's map search takes over the leads entire screen, making map search easier than ever.

80% Larger Photos

IDX 2.0's photos are now up to 80% larger than your previous property search.

Conversion Chatbot

The all-new messenger now automatically suggests registration when an unknown starts to chat.

Polygon Map Search

IDX 2.0's map search isn't just huge; it's powerful. Leads can search by drawing their perfect area.

Better IDX Data

IDX 2.0 has more data and improved MLS mappings to ensure that your leads get the best data possible.

Customizable Colors

IDX 2.0 now conforms to your websites color scheme automatically creating a seamless look.

Request a Showing

Leads now have instant access to request a showing on every listing with just the click of a button.

Faster Search Performance

IDX 2.0 is up to 10x faster than the previous search and requires no page reloads at all.

Street View & Satellite

Every IDX listing detail page now features a giant Street and Satellite View display.

More Tools

Mortgage calculators, lead forms, agent branding, social sharing, there are too many new tools to list.

Am I going to be charged for this upgrade?

Absolutely not. There will be no change in your service fees, this is a totally FREE upgrade for all customers at YMLS.

Do I have to upgrade?

The release of IDX 2.0 is possible due to thousands of dollars worth of infrastructure upgrades here at YMLS. As a result of this new technology, we're deprecating our aging systems to ensure the best possible search solution for you and your leads.

How do I customize the IDX colors?

Brand aware color match works by taking the primary and secondary colors from your web design. If you're using the newest CORE template (responsive), the site will automatically respond to any color changes that you make. If you're not on the newest CORE template, the IDX matches your current color scheme, and the only way to make a change is to update your web template. We'd love to help you get the newest CORE template, just give us a call at 763-951-8888.

How will this affect my current leads?

While this is an entirely new property search, we spent a ton of time ensuring that active leads wouldn’t be disturbed. All of your leads saved searches, saved listings and messages are still available for them.

What does "sitewide" messenger mean?

The all-new messenger now works on EVERY page of your site. That means that leads can now chat and receive messages on pages outside of your property search. You'll find the messenger in the bottom right of your website.

Can I change the initial message?

You certainly can! Here are some quick instructions on how to do that, it’ll take you less than 30 seconds to figure it out!

How does the "conversion bot" work in messenger?

After an anonymous lead asks a question, they will receive an automatic response that requests their email address. If the lead adds their email address, it will suggest setting a password. If the lead skips that step and does not set a password, one is automatically created for them (which they may change). Once this happens, the system will automatically send them a welcome email.

How do I add my photo to messenger?

We're glad you asked! Having your picture in messenger means that you'll have some additional branding throughout the IDX. Adding your photo is super simple! Here are some quick instructions on how to do that, it’ll take you less than 30 seconds to figure it out!

Still have questions?

No problem! We're here Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm CST to help get you comfortable with IDX 2.0 and all of its features. Just give us a call at 1-877-873-9657 or message us in the chat window on the bottom right of this screen or schedule a training.