Did You Know: What is the difference between BASE vs. CORE vs. PLUS vs. PREMIER

Your real estate website is the destination for all of your web traffic. We know that choosing your website partner is difficult. Real estate website design companies seem to make this process even more confusing with the way they describe their services. @YMLS we like to keep things simple. Here’s a quick, simple explanation of each package we offer. Let’s get started…

YMLS has created 4 different service levels to help you achieve all your online real estate goals: BASE, CORE, PLUS, and PREMIER. Whether you are an existing YMLS customer or not, knowing about the products is important. This blog post will ensure you are setup with the best product for you. So get ready to get excited as you may soon be upgrading with YMLS.


First, BASE is an online property search tool. Imagine going to a store to buy a center piece for your kitchen. You buy the centerpiece and display it prominently in your home. Just like having that centerpiece is important to have in your home, so is it important to feature an online property search on your website. The #1 reason a potential lead visits a real estate agent’s website is to search for homes.

If you already have an existing website, then YMLS BASE is the product for you. BASE is an IDX property search solution that can be integrated into your current real estate website. With BASE you now have the power to immediately interact with a visitor on your website. You get to learn about your potential lead’s search activity. With this valuable information you become an intelligent agent. Now you can add value to your customer’s search and develop them into a lead.

However, BASE is so much more than just a property search. It features an intelligent real estate lead platform that uses sophisticated algorithms to determine which leads are most likely to convert into a sale now or soon. BASE utilizes those algorithms to notify you when real estate leads view the same property multiple times. Your Lead can then save a property to their profile. As a real estate intelligent agent, you can view your lead’s profile where it displays search behavior consistent with purchasing a home in the near future. With these tools you have the power to grow your business and covert your website’s traffic into a real lead.


Our first website product is known as YMLS CORE. That begs the question, what is CORE? CORE is kind of like you’re buying a big beautiful condo with a great view. Once you buy it, you can paint the walls any color that you would like; you can even hang up your art to make it reflect you and everything that you are about.

Best of all, CORE is a best-in-class luxury template that has all the features you need to get your business on the web and converting leads. CORE is our most affordable package that allows for a fair amount of customization. Our CORE agents can switch between multiple header styles and multiple quick search styles. PLUS, you can create an unlimited number of pages perfect for agents looking to start a blog. You also have the ability to edit menu (navigation) tabs, update photos, manage branding, etc.

CORE is perfect for real estate agents who are new to the industry. brokers who want to offer individual websites for their agents frequently find CORE to be a perfect inexpensive solution. YMLS CORE also is a great product for part-time agents who are trying to keep their expenses down. Yet it gives all REALTORS® the tools they need to attract buyers and sellers to their business. If you are ready to purchase a YMLS CORE website, then Click Here.


Next, we will learn what makes YMLS PLUS a stand out package. Choosing to go with our PLUS package is like you are buying a stunning home on a cul-de-sac that you’ve had your eye on for the past few months. It’s nearly perfect, but you want to do some remodeling. Imagine that you can update the kitchen, tear down a few walls and put some new ones up. No problem, this home is all yours, and you can do just about anything to personalize it.

PLUS designs start from a curated designs of your choosing. We’ll help you to move things around, update colors and even build entirely new components to make it unique for your business.

YMLS PLUS Edition is a semi-custom web design solution that is available for agents, brokers, and offices. Start by choosing from the dozens of curated designs and work with our team to make it perfect for your business. Built into the PLUS Edition is the ability to add an unlimited number of pages. So, get ready to start creating blogs or community pages. You can edit the menu (navigation) tabs, update photos, manage branding, and more. We’ve even included an additional three custom search engine optimized content pages with each PLUS edition. That means our experts do all of the heavy lifting; all you do is tell us which communities to focus on.

Finally, PLUS is geared towards brokers who are looking to stand apart. It will help you attract not only buyers and sellers but real estate agents looking for a broker to hold their license. As a broker, you have to make sure you’re able to retain your existing agents: PLUS can help with this as well. Experienced real estate agents looking to stand above the rest frequently choose to go with PLUS.



Finally, PREMIER is like you’re building your very own new construction dream home. Nothing is off limits, you explain what you want, and we’ll work hard to make that dream into a reality.

With PREMIER, you will be building a top-of-the-line Real Estate Website. YMLS PREMIER is a fully-custom web design solution that is perfect for agents, brokers, and offices. To get started, work with your dedicated Project Manager to create the perfect website homepage design. Our professional design team will take your vision and craft you an amazing website. You have the power to add an unlimited number of pages, edit the menu (navigation) tabs, create dynamic call to actions, update photos, manage the branding, and more. We’ve also included an additional five custom search engine optimized content pages with each PREMIER edition.

PREMIER allows you to stand out from the crowd. It’s perfect for the top Real Estate Offices in the market. If you want your business to have the highest level of customization then request a quote for a PREMIER website, Click Here

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Each package has 2 product levels.  The Agent level is for individual Real Estate Agents. Our Enterprise edition is geared for offices or teams who will be routing user profiles to agents to develop as Leads. To see a full feature breakdown of what comes with our three packages, please click here.

If you have any other questions, let us know! We’re more than happy to walk you through each package if you need to or to show you what’s different about our package vs. a competitor that you are considering.

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