There’s a lot you have to do if you want to be an Intelligent Agent, when it comes to generating and engaging with leads. If you’re looking for tips on how to follow up with your leads using YMLS, keep reading to learn more.


While the main purpose of this article is teaching you how to follow up with leads with YMLS. We also wanted to give you a brief overview of leads in general. Discover how well you’re attracting and engaging with leads. One of the best ways is to look at your analytics dashboard in Vision. This dashboard gives you a quick glance at your leads. Here you will find information such as the number of leads you have, the average price of the homes they’re searching for, the most popular city and more. You can view this information by clicking on “Leads” then going to the analytics dashboard.

Another, way to get a handle on what your customer’s are wanting to buy is by visiting their profile. The YMLS Profile shows all of the activities your leads have performed. This really helps you become an intelligent agent.

Following Up

Once you’ve got a good understanding of your leads, you can begin the process of following up with leads.  Make sure you’re doing what you can to keep them on board. It’s important to remember that one of the most important parts of engaging leads is making sure you’re following up in a timely manner. If you wait until weeks after a lead has contacted you to respond, chances are you’ll miss out on that lead.

When it comes to following up on leads with YMLS, you have two great options. The first option is to send a message to one of your leads. To do this, open up the “Leads” page to view a list of your active leads. Click on a lead’s name to open their profile. From here, you can find an activity post that you’d like to message the lead about. Simply click “Send a message about this activity.”

Be sure to have notifications turned on to ensure that you stay on top of when your customer responds.

Your other option is to recommend a listing to a lead to try to further the process. To do this, navigate to the lead’s profile just like you did in the first step. Instead of finding a post you want to message them about, click the “Send Listing” button at the top of their profile to recommend a listing. You can add listings by address or MLS number.

Did You Know: YMLS will make intelligent listing recommendations for you.  Check out your call to actions to see what Vision by YMLS wants to recommend to your customers.

Following up with leads is an important part of being an Intelligent Agent, and YMLS makes it easy. If you have tips on following up with leads, feel free to share them in the comments.