Best Practices for Supercharging Your Real Estate Website's SEO

Best Practices for Supercharging Your Real Estate Website’s SEO

At YMLS, we know the importance of SEO to a REALTOR’s real estate website. Here are some of the top tips and best practices for boosting your website’s SEO and ability to attract viable leads.

Don’t Let Keywords Grow Stagnant

Keywords play an important role in website SEO. Optimizing your site’s content around proper keywords and phrases makes sense. But, don’t assume yesterday’s keywords are still serving you as well as they should. You should always revisit your keyword strategy to make sure you’re targeting the right ones.

Your analytics will tell you which keywords are working for you and which aren’t. Over time, some keywords can stagnate. Those stagnant keywords represent terms people no longer use to find your offerings.

Some keywords also aren’t as important as the keywords someone uses right before they decide to become a lead or contact you. Pay attention to your keywords, never stop optimizing them, and you will see results.

Choose Local Over Generic

Your website’s content should focus on local. Even if you service multiple towns, cities, or regions, make sure you put the most focus on where you do the most business.

You can build out to other areas or dedicate parts of your website to your additional locales. However, the more tightly focused you are on local SEO, the more leads you can expect.

Always remember to add the name of a locale to your keywords. Another way to keep the local market front and center is to create content about it.

Don’t just point to local listings. Instead, use content that points to activities, information, and other aspects of the local market. Work towards turning your website into a full resource for that location, so people who visit you will see your expertise on the area.

Take Full Advantage of the Mobile Boom

Focus on optimizing your site for mobile visitors. Mobile has become the de facto way that people search for things and interact with the internet in general. Online search continues to grow, and even within the real estate category, nearly 50% of queries are coming from online searches.

Test your website for mobile compatibility. If any aspect of your site fails to give a decent mobile experience, then work on changing it as soon as possible.

These are only a few of the best practices for supercharging your real estate website’s SEO. YMLS and the Intelligent Agent blog can help you further develop your website, content strategy, and SEO efforts.

How have you been keeping up with your site’s SEO? Feel free to share your own tips and suggestions in the comments.


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