Create a Community Page on Your YMLS Real Estate Website

While the ultimate goal is to get visitors to the listings page of your YMLS real estate website, area and community pages help you attract a wider audience. These pages showcase your local market knowledge and develop your credibility as the local market expert. Let’s look at how to craft area and community pages on your site.

What Are Area Pages?

Area pages are also called neighborhood pages. They are valuable to clients seeking information on specific areas or neighborhoods within a region, county or city. These facts help buyers and sellers make decisions about their current or future property.

The information you choose to include on your area page should also highlight notable facts about the area. For example, maybe your city has several neighborhoods with luxury housing developments. Dedicating individual area pages to each community lets you paint a clearer picture of the advantages to prospective homebuyers.

You can expand this strategy to highlight your entire market. This could serve as the main area page that links to the various neighborhoods you wish to promote. Keep the content on city or county area pages more general. Save details such as the most popular streets and housing details for the individual neighborhood pages.

What Do Community Pages Do?

Community pages concentrate on culture and lifestyle. Ask yourself what unique characteristics your market has that you can highlight on your YMLS real estate website.

Community pages don’t hone in on your market’s physical aspects, such as the location of homes. Instead, they education visitors on what’s going on in the area. Giving prospective clients a look at what’s in store for them in this community is a great way to get them to start clicking through your listings in the area.

Here are sample topics that get readers excited about the community:

  • Family-friendly festivals and events
  • Community get-togethers and meet and greets
  • Information on the local job market
  • Great restaurants in the community
  • Ice cream shops and unique local businesses

There is an endless number of topics that could work. Concentrate on the demographics of likely buyers and what they would most want to know about your markets. For instance, maybe you mostly work with first-time buyers with families. In that case, your community pages could incorporate family-oriented details such as the quality of local elementary and middle schools or how to find a compassionate pediatrician.

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