Best Practices: Pay Attention to Your Website

In this second post of our three-part series on paying attention to your real estate website, we will look at the importance of a regularly updated website.

Keep Your Website Looking Fresh

Just like selecting produce at the grocery store, your customers look for the freshest pick. First your real estate website should have a fresh and modern style to the design. Second, if your website has outdated or grainy images no matter how good your design is your website will not show success. Next, search your website and ensure there are no dead or broken links. Finally make sure there is no irrelevant content. Failing to have a fresh looking website will cause your leads to move on to something more appealing and they won’t come back.

Why You Should Care About Site Freshness

Google Cares

The higher Google ranks your website, the closer to the top spot in the search your website will be. Google’s website ranking algorithms use many different “freshness” metrics, including:

  • Initial creation date
  • Size of the change
  • Type of change
  • Rate of change
  • New page creation
  • Rate of link growth

In short, you want to have fresh, new, relevant content or pages that have been around long enough to lend credibility. Remember, to keep your pages regularly updated by adding new pages to your site. Google sees consistent, quality updates as a signal of freshness. Best of all the better Google sees your website the more leads will be directed to your site.

Your Users Care

According to ePro®, the national average to convert a lead from the time they first start searching for homes online to when they reach out to an agent is 10 months. Very few users come to a Real Estate Website ready to buy a home during their first time visiting your website. Therefore you must give them reasons to keep returning to your site.

Regularly producing and updating quality content gives them that reason. Your visitors are selecting a product (your website) or service provider (you) just like they are selecting produce at the grocery store. YMLS helps you create a website that will stand out in freshness!

Leave a comment and tell us when was the last time you reviewed or updated your real estate website.

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