Best Practices: Pay Attention to Your Website

This third post of our three-part series on paying attention to your website focuses on what you can do to keep your website looking fresh and relevant.  Regularly updating your content is crucial for keeping your site ranking well in the search engines, thus increasing your visibility.  Don’t forget, YMLS has tools to help you easily update your Real Estate Website.  Our customer service team is always standing by to assist you.  Check out our Knowledge Base to learn more about how to update your Real Estate Website!

What Kinds of Things Should I Update on my Website?

Add Fresh Content

Your site isn’t going to have a fresh and modern look without new content.  It shows your visitors that you’re active and committed to bringing them the latest and the greatest. By adding fresh content to your website it helps the search engines like Google direct more lead traffic to your website improving your SEO.

Update Old Content

Go back to your older content and make sure it’s still relevant, especially if your website is a few years old, or if you have lots of blog posts or time-sensitive information. For posts that give statistics from a few years ago, see if you can find more recent numbers. If you’re discussing a news story, look for the latest information.

Fix Broken Links

If visitors get a dreaded 404 errors or another type of error message on your site, you’ll most likely lose them forever. It is a big task to search it manually for broken links, but worth the effort. WordPress offers a plugin such as Broken Link Checker to identify such problems.

Add a Blog (and Post Regularly)

Update your site consistently with a blog.  Don’t know what to talk about?  Consider your target market and what they’re searching for online, then write about it.  “How to” tips and advice, best practices, and linking to resources make great blog posts.

Add images and videos to your site.

We live in a visual world.  A website that’s mainly text-based with few images or videos appears dated in this visual age. Engaging and relevant visual content of good quality will keep your site contemporary.  Make your images and videos search engine friendly so the search engines can see your new content. If you do not know how to add Video or Images to your website then be sure to check out the YMLS Help Center and learn from our knowledge-base.