Share your Listing on Social Media

Generating interest in your real estate listings can be as simple as sharing them with your friends and followers. Your professional social media presence can work for you – and YMLS makes it quick and easy to share your listings on social media.

Why Share on Social Media?

Your social media followers typically include satisfied clients – and while they may not be in the market for a new home right away, they can easily know someone who is. Social media, including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram, can help you connect with new leads and showcase your hot new properties to those who might be looking to buy.

When you share through social media, you’re inviting buyers to get to know you and your brand. You’ll also make it very easy for others to share your listings with friends and family they know are looking.

How to Link Your YMLS Listings to Your Social Media

YMLS makes it simple to add listings to your social media sites. Visit your website, and clock the property search link to find the property you wish to share by typing in the address of the home. Select the property and open the property detail page.

To share on social media, next select the share icon and choose the social media site that you wish to share the listing to (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest). You’ll have a field available to enter any comments along with the listing. Once you’ve finished writing your comments, simply click share to post!

You can see out step-by-step guide, with videos, here.

Add the Right Comments

Simply listing the property may not be enough. You want your comments to be sort and sweet – giving potential buyers an idea of the house’s features and locations but leaving enough of a “teaser” that they’re curious enough to reach out to you and ask for more information.

Things to Avoid

While you probably have many followers who are curious about your listings, make sure that you avoid posting too many properties over and over. If you fill you’re fed with listing after listing, you run the risk of having people “mute” your posts or find you “spammy.”

You should also avoid giving out too much information about the property – you want to use your social media sites as a way to invite visors to your own YMLS page, not to give them all the information right there.

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