Have you checked out the YMLS Help Center recently?

Next up in our Did You Know series of blog posts, YMLS wants to introduce to you the YMLS Help Center. Having an effective help center is one of the most important elements of any web-based organization. Also a helpdesk’s main purpose is to provide a problem-solving solution as swiftly and efficiently as possible. YMLS continues to be a leader in customer support, one of our value-added components is our comprehensive one stop YMLS Help Center.

Our far reaching Help Center is certainly one of the best resources in your toolbox to make your website look exactly the way you want it to. Best of all you can learn to edit your website with little effort. Above all, the YMLS Help Center is an easy to use and seamless tool. Even more, our experience and research tell us, a well thought out, easy to use Help Center greatly benefits our customers.

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Discover the Knowledge Base:

First of all, the YMLS Help Center is filled with tons of step by step guides to help you become a self-sufficient Intelligent Agent. As a result, you will discover how to take advantage of the tools to easily update your real estate website. Next, learn how to interact with customers who visit your website. Finally, gain the power to take control of your account setting you up for success. To best explain the contents of the YMLS Help Center we have broken it down into sections:

The Website Editor

Take direct control of your real estate website. Our knowledge base helps you master the skills to create new pages filled with original content your customers can find value in. Discover how to edit your contact info, change your website’s header or quick search. With the website editor you can quickly update your website’s branding, agent info, social media and much more.

The YMLS Help Center contains many tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and tutorial videos to teach you how to easily edit your website. First of all, you will learn how to create new pages on your website which will benefit your website’s SEO value. Likewise, you will discover how to format the pages adding photography, videos, and more. Best of all, our guides are simple and easy to understand. Therefore, you will quickly become the master of your website.

The YMLS Control Panel:

Next, you will learn how the YMLS Control Panel is the bread and butter that makes you stand out from the crowd. Within the Control Panel you will become an Intelligent Agent by mastering the skills of communication. One noteworthy feature is you can convert your website’s visitors into real estate leads. The YMLS Control Panel is broken out into different sections relating to the Stream, Lead Profile, Lead Manager, YMLS Marketplace, Billing, and finally your Settings. Above all the YMLS Help Center teaches you how to take advantage of all the tools available.

YMLS Billing Portal:

Learn how to control your billing in the YMLS Billing Portal with the YMLS Help Center. Here you can easily access, print, or view your invoices. See what you are subscribed too with YMLS, and easily update your credit card information online.

The Mobile Control Panel:

Last but not least, the YMLS Help Center will teach you how to take advantage of our Mobile Control Panel. Real estate professionals rarely sit around the office. Instead you are out in the field, showing homes, making listing appointments, and interacting with customers or clients. Having a mobile friendly control panel is key to being successful agent.

The YMLS Mobile Control Panel allows you to quickly and easily interact with your website visitors no matter where you are. In this day and age, it is critical to be able to connect with your website visitors quickly to provide the best user experience. Take advantage of the YMLS Mobile Control Panel and quickly covert website visitors into leads.


Finally, for all of our real estate brokers and office websites the YMLS Help Center will help you quickly route leads to your real estate agents. Discover, how easy it is to manage your agent roster and so much more.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see you delve into the YMLS Help Center. Learn how to take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. Best of all, become the Intelligent Agent. Finally, start using YMLS to grow your business.

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