Creating and promoting digital ads isn’t always an intuitive process for Realtors. When done wrong, digital advertisements can represent a fruitless waste of funds. When done right, digital advertisements can literally pay for themselves hundreds of times over. Adwerx, available in the YMLS Marketplace, offers Realtors a professional digital advertising platform that ensures they get it right.

How Adwerx Benefits Realtors

Adwerx does the legwork of finding prospective local leads who have an interest in your listing or niche. The platform will then put your advertisement on websites where those people frequent. You want interested parties, and advertising directly to them is the best way to gain those leads.

Understand this platform doesn’t just target specific websites. Your advertisements will target specific people or demographics you choose, and the ads will go to the types of websites they visit.

The Adwerx platform also serves to spread your brand and increase awareness of it among those who are most likely to need your services now or in the future. In this way, you can use Adwerx as a promotional tool as well.

Types of Advertisements Adwerx Offer

What makes Adwerx ideally suited to Realtors is its ability to drill down to the niche you need them to. For example, you can create:

  • Ads by zip code
  • Ads for specific listings
  • Ads for a specific niche or sphere

These options put you in control of your advertisements and ensure those ads will get in front of the eyes of the most relevant potential leads. The Adwerx FAQ gives an excellent overview of these options, how they work, and which you should consider choosing for your own marketing needs.

Why Adwerx Works Well with Your YMLS Real Estate Website

Since Adwerx is a module in your YMLS Marketplace, you can easily incorporate it into your YMLS real estate website. The Intelligent Agent platform helps with quite a bit of the marketing work on its own. Incorporating ads into the process doesn’t have to be something you need to keep separate from the tools you already use.

Adwerx also offers an enterprise solution for those businesses that work with more volume than the typical real estate service. In addition, the platform allows for ads geared towards attracting agents to your business. Beyond all these benefits, the platform also offers a special program for NAR members.

For those of you with a good grasp of real estate advertising, what are some tips you would recommend for crafting a good ad through Adwerx?

Adwerx in YMLS MarketPlace

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