Best Practices: Top 5 Ways to Develop Online Leads

YMLS kicks off our “Best Practices” blog series with the top 5 best practices to develop online leads. Because, the real estate market is very competitive, you must know the best practices to properly develop online web leads which is critical to grow your business. In this series you will learn many helpful guides perfect for new and seasoned agents. If you are finding it difficult in this industry or are pushing for more publicity and productivity this is the series for you. These helpful tips will demonstrate how to attract online real estate leads.

Week 01 – Have the Best Local Real Estate Website

To get started, your website is the primary source to develop online leads. It’s an opportunity for you to offer your visitors real value. Learn to help your customers establish long-term interactions. It isn’t just an opportunity for you to post content about your expertise in real estate. Rather, it is a platform to create content showing your visitors how much value you can offer and how much help you can provide. As a leading website marketing company YMLS will discuss how to get leads to visit your website with SEM and SEO marketing.

Week 02 – Use Social Media to Cast a Wide Net

Next in week 2 we will discover several ways to generate interest in your website via social media. Social Media are the spokes to your website, which is your hub. One way to drive traffic from social media is to constantly appear on local users’ timelines. YMLS will discuss strategies and campaign ideas. We will help you draw traffic from your social media accounts to your website so you can better develop online leads.

Week 03 – Write an Engaging Blog

Then in week 3 you will discover how blogging is arguably one of the best avenues to attract prospects. You will discover ways to convert your leads to real home sales. This starts with how you Provide your readers with valuable and actionable content. These include keeping your clients up to date with real estate news. Teach them tips about working with REALTORS®. Let them know what they need to do to list their home. First-time home buyers can get strategies on obtaining a mortgage. Discover the commitment needed and the benefits of maintaining a website blog. Learn why it will help you develop online leads.

Week 04 – Make a Good First Impression Online

Your mother was right when she said first impressions are important. Week 4 kicks off discussing how it is important to make a good first impression to a lead. For example, in the context of email, subject lines are important. You might have the right house they’ve been searching for, but if your subject line doesn’t make them want to open the email, they’ll never see what’s inside. Start with the context of your outreach and immediately move to the value you’re offering. YMLS will teach you how to make a good first impression online.

Week 05 – It is All in the Follow-up

We will finish it off in week 5 talking about best practices with when you attempt to follow-up with a lead.  Discover, where many real estate agents go wrong is giving up too soon on developing online leads. All of the ways you can follow up with real estate leads and prospects have increased considerably in the past decade. But the fundamentals of follow-up haven’t changed. Not to mention that the expansion of lead generation opportunities in real estate has brought some new twists and turns. In the end of this series you will know all the best ways to interact, follow-up, and develop online leads.

Best of all you will learn in each week how YMLS looks to give you all the tools to grow your business in 2019 so that you can develop online leads.

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