Top 5 Ways to Develop Online Leads

YMLS brings you the top 5 best practices to develop online leads. In our fourth blog post of our new “Best Practices” series we will discuss what it means to make a good first impression. Because, the real estate market is very competitive, having the best practices, when developing online web leads, is critical. It is also a helpful guide for new agents who are finding it difficult getting started in this industry or are pushing for more publicity and productivity. These helpful tips will demonstrate how to attract online real estate leads.

Have the Best Tools to Quickly Respond to your Leads

It is all about the follow-up. All of your SEO or SEM marketing can get tons of the traffic to your real estate website. However, if you do not have to tools or skills to quickly and effectively respond to your internet leads then you are wasting your hard earned dollars. With YMLS as the HUB to your real estate business you have all of the tools to effectively communicate. It is critical that you know how to respond to a lead. It also is important to turn on your notifications to quickly respond.

Make a Good First Impression

Good first impressions are everything—especially in the real estate industry. The success of your business is directly correlated to the relationships you build. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so it’s important to keep this in mind when communicating with new real estate prospects or leads.

Today first impressions are taking place first online then second in person. To make the best first impression you should always leave your strong opinions, inappropriate photos, and out of date information off your social media accounts. Being a real estate agent means your private life merges with your business life. Also, sending email replies with incorrect spelling, grammar mistakes, and incomplete sentences sends a bad first impression.

“The internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.” – Jon Stewart

Subject lines are important

Your mother was right when she said, “What you say matters.” In the context of email your first impression is your subject line and subject lines are important. You might have the right house they’ve been searching for but, if your e-mail’s subject line doesn’t make your lead want to open the email then they’ll never discover what’s inside. Think about your prospects and their buying or selling needs. Now, figure out a way to express those needs in 1-3 words. Your subject line can be as simple as, “Question about [listing address]?” Use the listing that they are interested in and get that into the subject line in as few words as possible.

If a subject line isn’t getting opened, it’s probably time to try something new. But getting your prospect to open the email doesn’t guarantee anything. If you don’t offer them value and context immediately, there’s no reason for them to keep reading.

So, forget starting with your name and how many years you’ve been in real estate—all of that is in your signature anyway. Start with the context of your outreach and immediately move to the value you’re offering.

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