Update Your Agent Info

Did You Know How Easy YMLS Makes it to Update Your Agent Info?

One often-overlooked aspect of a Realtor’s real estate website is the agent’s bio, contact, and profile information. Understand your profile can attract just as many leads as your listings. It holds a greater power than any other aspect of your website or business.  Most buyers and sellers are looking to hire you, the agent. With YMLS CORE, YMLS makes adding and updating all your relevant profile information quick and easy.

Keeping Your Bio Updated

Your profile information should tell anyone who comes across it everything they should know about you. Your bio and other profile information isn’t just about your accomplishments, education, and experience. In fact, you should shy away from too much self-congratulatory talk. You want a bio that helps you connect on both a personal and professional level with clients.

A potential lead may find too much talk of yourself boring. Instead, give them a more personal insight into who you and your business. Explain what you represent to that potential lead.

Your YMLS Site Manager will allow you to update your bio across the site with easy to fill in field specifically for that purpose. If you don’t have a bio put together yet, the platform can help with a generic bio to use as a template or placeholder.

Making Sure Your Agent Photo Helps

You can easily update your agent photo here as well. Your photo holds just as much importance as your bio information. Visuals are extremely important in the real estate profession. Expert Realtors know that a proper agent photo can work towards gathering leads just as much as any other aspect of their website.

In your Site Manager, you can upload your agent photo with a few mouse clicks. In turn, that photo will proliferate throughout your site, property searches, and communications.

Updating Your Contact Information

The Site Manager also lets you update your contact information across the site from one location. This is important for those who may update their contact info in one place, but forget to do so in a few other locations on their website. You should always have your most up to date contact information displayed.

Keeping all your profile information professional and up to date is important. Having a centralized area that makes doing these things painless can help you save time and hassle.

Updating Your Social Media Links

Finally, don’t forget social media. With the YMLS Site Manager you can update your social media links. Connecting your social media to your website allows you to cast a wide net and direct all traffic to and from your website. Take advantage of social media to let your customers get to know you.

For some other tips and tricks to get the most out of your YMLS real estate website, check out more posts in our Intelligent Agent blog.

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