Use YouTube to promote your websites

When you upload videos to YouTube, you can reach a greater number of homebuyers. It’s even more effective if you optimize your video content to increase its ranking. This also directs more traffic to your YMLS real estate website.

Here are some tips and tricks to promote your Intelligent Agent website via YouTube:

1. Figure Out the Keywords for Your Video

If you want to promote a listing this should include a location-based keyword, file name, title, and video description. In a video description, add related keywords that pertain to the video.
in a video description, consider adding a few related keywords and link to the listing on your website. You may also wish to include relevant links to your social media accounts and blog.

2. Write an Effective Title

Create a short title that triggers curiosity. You want to inspire people to click on the video. The title is the first thing that people read.

3. Create a Thumbnail That Draws Attention

When viewers browse YouTube videos in search results, they learn what videos are about via an image preview. This is called a video thumbnail and it can be customized to suit your target market.

4. Post the YouTube Video on Your Blog

This gives your properties more exposure, especially when you work them into blog posts organically. Here how it works:

i. Go to the YouTube video.

ii. Look for the Share option (below the video).

iii. Select Embed.

iv. Copy and paste the code into your blog post.

This simple trick lets you embed your listing video in your blog without hiring a programmer. It also looks smooth and professional.

5. Add End Cards

A YouTube end card includes a graphic that appears when your video ends. It encourages viewers to learn more about the listing or to take a specific action, such as calling you for a showing.

End cards should be at least 25 seconds long, which gives you plenty of time to hone in on the major features of the house and to promote your brokerage.

6. Promote YouTube Video Listings on Social Media

Cross-promote your videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other platforms. Schedule them at different days and times to maximize the number of people who see them.

YouTube is a powerful tool that people use for entertainment, learning and even buying a home. Don’t lose this opportunity to adopt another sales channel for your clients.

Embed a YouTube Video on your webstie

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