Did you know that our YMLS MarketPlace allows you to connect your website to our various partner vendors? Making these connections allows you to procure the specialty services you need to attract more leads. We’ve partnered with some great companies that can help our clients grow their business. One of these is HappyGrasshopper.  HappyGrasshopper is an email marketing company that specializes in content for salespeople—like real estate agents.

Automated Email and Follow-Up Service for Salespeople

HappyGrasshopper provides content for lead follow-up email and social media, but that’s putting their services simply. HappyGrasshopper is especially attractive to real estate agencies because of its focus on sales. The company provides each client with freshly written content—and that content is updated on a biweekly basis. The team’s copywriters take care to interview clients before generating custom content, and to HappyGrassHopper, customized content actually refers to the “content” itself—not just a brand or logo insert.

Why Is Custom Content Important?

HappyGrasshopper creates 100% handcrafted messaging. It’s not that customers have access to original content, but that content is tailored to each client. This is important because a real estate agent in Bloomington, Illinois (a small city in Central Illinois) is going to be dealing with a completely different real estate market—and clientele—than a real estate agent in San Francisco. Agents want their messaging tailored to the points they want to highlight in their emails and to their specific audience. HappyGrasshopper provides this type of distinctive content for each client.

Additional Services

As HappyGrasshopper has grown, it’s begun to add new services to its offerings. Aside from email and social media content, customers can contract with the company for voicemail blasts, texting services, print, and messenger. With its tools designed specifically for real estate agencies and agents as well as other professional sales people, HappyGrasshopper understands how to zero in on the real-world needs that exist for agents.

If your agency can benefit from the types of services that HappyGrasshopper offers, be sure to check them out when you visit the YMLS MarketPlace. You’ll also find many other helpful partner vendors there that may offer other services that you need.


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