YMLS MarketPlace

Introducing the YMLS MarketPlace!

YourMLSsearch.com is excited to announce the launch of the new YMLS MarketPlace! We are committed to bring our customers the best real estate technology tools. So YMLS has partnered with other top companies to provide a robust set of services geared at making it easier for our customers to grow their business. And now…the YMLS MarketPlace!

What is the YMLS MarketPlace?

The YMLS MarketPlace is where you connect your HUB to several of our partner vendors.  These connections help you attract leads.  The more connections you have, the more leads you can attract!  Our MarketPlace allows brokers and real estate agents to sync Vision by YMLS, the central HUB of your real estate business, with other great companies like BoldLeads, Constant Contact, Adwerx, RETI, and many more. Now you can take advantage of all the services our partners offer, too! Connecting YMLS with our MarketPlace partners provides all the tools you need to be a successful REALTOR®.

Is there any additional cost?

There is no additional cost to access the MarketPlace.  The YMLS MarketPlace is a spot where you can buy our partner’s products and services.  YMLS is committed to keeping our customers’ costs down, so we have negotiated discounts with the YMLS MarketPlace partners.  For example, when you sign up with Homes.com through the YMLS MarketPlace, they will waive their $500 setup fee AND reduce their hourly cost from $65/hr to just $40/hr.

How is the YMLS MarketPlace organized?

Our vendors are broken down by category, so you can quickly and easily filter your list to view partners that fall into specific categories such as:

  • CMA – For determining the market analysis of a property’s value.
  • CRM – Track the progress of a customer from lead to the closing of your transaction and beyond.
  • Coaching – Learn the tricks of the trade to become a better REALTOR®.
  • Contact – Stay in touch with your customers via mail, drip campaign, or text message.
  • Content Writing – Hire professional content writing services for your website.
  • Lead Generation – Purchase lead contact info from the YMLS MarketPlace partners at a discounted rate.
  • Marketing – Send newsletters and create social media marketing campaigns.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Services to help your website organically get noticed by Google and the various search engines.

How do I get started with the YMLS MarketPlace?

First, locate the YMLS MarketPlace in the Vision control panel of your real estate website.  Scroll through our partner list and decide which partners you wish to add to your YMLS website HUB.  Then, simply click on the Contact, Install, or Download buttons to connect YMLS to our MarketPlace partners.

“Contact” automatically sends your information to the partner who will reach out to you about starting services. Similarly, by selecting “Install” we will connect YMLS to the partner with an API connection. This allows your leads from YMLS to automatically flow to our service partners.  “Download” gains you access to the YMLS WordPress Plug-in to get the IDX property search working on your non-YMLS website.

Leave a comment and tell us what company you would like YMLS to partner with next in the YMLS MarketPlace.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the YMLS MarketPlace!  Check it out and tell us what you think.  Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, comment, and follow us online to stay on top of all the latest news.  Leave a comment and let us know what kinds of articles you want YMLS to write about next.  YMLS checks all of your comments. 

If you have any questions, you can reach our customer service department by calling (877) 873-9657.