YMLS Text Notifications

Did You Know: Do you have text message alerts turned on with YMLS?

Staying in touch with leads is an important part of being an Intelligent Agent. If a lead contacts you, you need to respond to them as quickly as possible. If you don’t have text message alerts enabled in Vision by YMLS, learn how to turn them on and why they’re important for your business. YMLS Text Notifications

Why Alerts Are Important YMLS Text Notifications

With all the real estate agents out there, it’s important to separate yourself from the pack. Not only do you need to work to attract leads, you also need to make sure you’re communicating with those leads. This means responding in a timely fashion with helpful information that helps progress the buying process. If you don’t quickly respond to leads, there’s a chance they could look elsewhere. YMLS Text Notifications

The tough part about staying on top of everything is the fact that it can be so easy to miss notifications that come through your website or email. With text message alerts from YMLS, you can be notified as soon as something happens so you can respond quicker. What’s really neat about these alerts is that you can customize them to fit your needs. If you want to know when a lead has viewed a listing a certain number of times or saved a listing, you can do that. This allows you to quickly respond to leads who search in your IDX property search with the information they need.

Turning on Text Alerts

The best part about setting up text alerts through YMLS is the fact that it’s such an easy process. Not only can you set up SMS alerts in a few minutes, you can easily customize them to meet your needs.

To start, open the Settings page on your website. Next, navigate to the Notifications tab to see a list of available notifications. This will display various actions you can receive notifications for. Among other things, you can receive messages when a lead:

  • Asks a question
  • Reads a message
  • Registers
  • Replies to a message
  • Prints a listing flyer
  • And more

To enable notifications for a specific action, simply click the enable check box to the right of the action. When you’re finished, you can save your changes using the button at the bottom of the page. YMLS Text Notifications

Staying in touch with leads is important, and text message alerts are a great way to do that. If you have tips for engaging leads quickly, let us know in the comments section. YMLS Text Notifications

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