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YMLS Has MailChimp Integration!

Imagine that a visitor to your real estate website has officially become a Real Estate Lead.  You now begin the process of developing them into a solid buyer or seller.  Successful agents have tools to manage their lists of leads.  YMLS is committed to providing you with the best tools to help your grow your business, including tools to help you communicate with your internet leads.  MailChimp Integration is a primary tool for you to use.


Back in 2018, MailChimp became the first company to join the YMLS Marketplace.  The MailChimp Integration is the first tool in your toolbox to develop online leads.  Stay in regular contact with your Leads with MailChimp.  It allows you to create branded e-mail campaigns you can set up to automatically send to a list or funnel of leads.  Each communication from MailChimp is like a drip of water in a bucket.  Eventually, that bucket will be full.  This is known as Drip Campaign Marketing.


Connect with the MailChimp Integration

To get started, just select the “Connect to MailChimp” button in your website’s control panel in the YMLS Lead Manager.  This allows you to create an account and log into MailChimp.  By establishing a connection between YMLS and MailChimp, YMLS will add a list of all Profiled Users to MailChimp.  You now have a List of Customers from which you can send out your communication campaigns.


Look Like a Pro

Now you can use the MailChimp template builder to create stunning e-mails to send to your customers.  The MailChimp template builder is easy to use, packed full of features, and is designed to grow with your business.  There are a variety of customizable layouts and pre-built themes to use as starting points for your campaign.  MailChimp offers a selection of intent-based templates to help you create the perfect campaign for showcasing yourself as a Professional Real Estate Agent.  Share news or stories, follow up with customers, or acquaint them with your business.  Best of all, you can import a template directly into an automated campaign.


The Power of Automation

Unlike regular campaigns, an automation is a target e-mail or series of e-mails that you can set and forget.  MailChimp’s Automation gives you more time to focus on buying and selling homes.  You can welcome new leads or follow up with a client after a purchase.  Or even offer a special incentive to get a Lead off the fence and ready to buy a new home.  Marketing automation is designed to take some of the work out of communicating with your customers.  At the same time, your e-mails should show that you care.  Automation is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your customers, not replace it.  Take time to research what your customers like to help give your e-mails a personal touch.

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